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Are You at a Crossroad?

Have you ever been at a place in your life where things are going “well”…. “good”… “fine”…
but you just can’t help thinking you’re not where you should be, where you want to be, where you’re meant to be?
Something deep in your gut is telling you that something different, something made uniquely for you is out there – somewhere – just waiting for you if you would only follow that prompting.
The only problem is – what is that path and where does it lead? What are you being prompted to do?
If this resonates with you, then no, you’re not crazy. You’re not imagining things. You’re not necessarily unsettled with your life. That stirring within you is happening for a reason.
One of our greatest disadvantages in the high speed microwave society that we live in is that we can live highly functional lives that are complete facades of distraction.
Marriage is “good.” Single life is “good.” Kids are “good.” Job is “fine.” There isn’t necessarily anything to complain about. Then again, you can’t help but feel a stirring inside of you that’s saying something different is out there.
That, Warrior, is your purpose calling.
And I want to give you permission, regardless of how good and settled your life might feel, to do 3 things that will help you begin to find your purpose (or to continue clarifying what it is):
  1. DREAM – One thing we stop doing as we start getting more mature is to dream. Remember when you were young and you’d think about your biggest, wildest dreams? At one point in my early 20s, I just knew I wanted to be a singer and even sang for a semi-famous celebrity while vying for a record deal (more details on that at another time!). Although that obviously wasn’t my great life purpose, I actually allowed myself to dream about it, to open my mind to the world outside of my small town comfort zone, to practice what I thought would be my craft, to put myself out there. If you’re being honest, when’s the last time you DREAMED – without fear, without “reality,” without limitations? The life you’re living today doesn’t have to be the life you wake up to tomorrow.
  2. PRAY – What I lacked in my 20s was a solid prayer relationship with God. I’m sure He would have saved me some time by telling me I’d never be a world famous recording artist (although I play the part in dive karaoke bars at least once a year, haaaaa!!). Now that I’m in my 40s, I better understand that I’m not walking through this life alone – that God helps to lead my path. When you start to feel a stirring, remember that GOD wants you to dream. He may be redirecting you in those dreams – but He also wants YOU to TALK to HIM. Simply ask Him. It’s surprising how when we turn our inner questions outward and begin asking God instead of ourselves, our friends, or even Google, that God can begin to make things crystal clear (in HIS timing). He can even make certain doors open that lead you away from your present reality and into what you previously felt might have been impossible.
  3. EXPLORE – Comfort zones really are a trap. As responsible adulthood settles in, it’s surprising what we tell ourselves we CAN’T do in the name of schedules, priorities, financial limitations, and more. Take time to get out and explore! Change your scenery, upset your familiarity with the world around you. As you start taking that time to reopen your life, you’ll begin to reflect and see things in a new light that actually add visions of clarity. Never stop exploring, no matter how responsible you are in your daily life, because exploration takes you outside of your normal. And guess what? There’s an entire world outside of your bubble! Maybe, just maybe, you have to poke a hole in your bubble to begin to see the silhouette of your purpose.
Are you at, or have you ever experienced, the “crossroad” feeling? If so, what did you do to maneuver through? I’d love to hear your thoughts, too!

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